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Installing tile with SoilMax Goldigger tile plow

In 1997, Denny Bell recognized a problem and seized an opportunity.

A seasoned farmer and experienced businessman, Denny owned Agri-Logic, the producer of Case and Ag Leader’s early yield mapping software. His business dealings allowed him to visit thousands of farms and interact with individual customers at trade shows. These discussions resulted in the discovery of a universal problem: agricultural water management. Farmers all recognized that proper field drainage was the only correlation that consistently impacted yields.

True, various types of farm drainage equipment existed on the market, but Denny wanted to create something better and more widely useful. He identified with the farmers’ need for a land improvement tool that was also cost effective and the Soil-Max Gold Digger was born.

With the Soil-Max Gold Digger Stealth ZD tile plow, you can install your own tile without laser surveying and without grade calculations.  Using an RTK signal and the Intellislope control system, tile installation can pay for itself in just 50 acres.  


NuAg Technology also provides Tile Mapping & Design services.  We utilize your elevation data gathered from an RTK signal to perform watershed analysis and then work with you to customize a tile plan that is best for your field.  



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Ag Leader’s Intellislope® simplifies the process of installing farm drainage tile through its RTK GPS receiver, which installs tile on grade throughout the entire run. Laser surveying equipment and adjustments during tiling are obsolete. The Intellislope makes the process more accurate and reliable, no longer subject to fluctuating weather conditions or grade variations in changing topography.

Soil-Max®  HD tile stringer carts improve productivity with their smart design and broad tiling range. They simplify tile spool transport and feeding so you spend less time in transport and set-up and more time tiling.


Built from the ground up with one goal in mind the Shaper Pro will make quick work of soil heave or trenches left behind after tiling. With its one of a kind design, the Shaper Pro resizes and relocates tile heave right back over the center of your tile. Shapers Pro works on all soil types and even in tough grassy areas.

Financing Options

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