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Looking for a realible RTK signal?  Want Glonass capabilities to help from losing signal? 

Nu Ag Technology is pleased to bring you the DigiFarm VBN network.  DigiFarm VBN (Virtual Base Network) is a cellular based RTK correction signal across almost all of Illinois.

(Virtual Base Network)
  • A VBN does not need to have a base within line of sight. In fact, most actual bases are more than 50 miles apart.  

  • The DigiFarm network puts a Virtual Base near your location for the correction signal.  This eliminates the need to keep switching towers when moving over a large area.

  • Currently DigiFarm has covered almost all of the rural areas of Illinois.

  • There is a need for cell signal, but it is not carrier specific (Verizon, Sprint, etc.)

  • We have coverage in areas not supplied by the tower network.

Brand Neutral
  • Just like the Ag Leader products, the DigiFarm VBN is brand neutral.  This means the VBN will work with many brands of RTK recievers.  It will work with Trimble, Raven, John Deere and more.

  • All you need is a modem capable to recieve the DigiFarm correction signal.  If you already have a Paradyme or Geosteer, no need for additional equipment as they have an internal modem.

  • Have an existing modem?  It may be able to be reprogrammed.

  • Glonass satilites provide additional satellites for correction.  They can typically double the amount of satelites available.

  • Helps keep from losing RTK signal while working

  • Most of the local tower network is not Glonass capable.  

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