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NuAg Technology is based in Chatsworth, IL and mainly serves the central Illinois counties of Livingston, Ford, Iroquois, and McLean. At NuAg Technology, we have over 20 years of experience using precision farming technologies.    

NuAg owner Tim McGreal is no stranger to precision ag technology.  In fact, he has a long history with it.  He began using a yield monitor and experimenting with yield maps in his own farming operations in 1995.  From there, his next step was into variable rate fertilizer application.


In 2005, he made the jump into guidance and steering using RTK.  In 2012, Tim's next endeavor was with the Soil-Max Gold Digger tile plow.  Using Ag Leader's Intellislope tile plow control, he and his team have  installed over 600,000 ft of tile in his own fields.  

The NuAg team has daily interactions with the products they sell, and they can bring their hands-on experience and knowledge to your operations.  

NuAg recognizes that precision ag isn't just about on-the-go yield monitoring or guidance.  From planting technologies, to variable rate application, to data analysis....precision ag is the future of farming.  


Whether you're new to precision ag, or looking to take your operation to the next level, NuAg will be there to find the right tools for you.



NuAg believes in the importance of using the products they sell.   And it isn't going unnoticed.  Ag Leader's Insight magazine featured an article on NuAg's Tim McGreal and his use of Ag Leader products to help minimize soil compaction.

In the January edition of Successful Farming, the article was again published for all to read!

Nu Ag was indirectly featured in the Fall 2014 edition of Ag Leader's Insights magazine for the Illinois Road Tour event.

Nu Ag's JD Skaggs is getting his hands dirty in the trenches on the cover.  Several of Nu Ag's customers are watching our team install the tile for the Road Tour event held in Thomasboro.

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