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​NuAg is a proud dealer of all Ag Leader products.  Ag Leader offers a range of precision ag tools that can take your operation from planting to harvest.   Based in Ames, IA, they have been a front-runner and driving force behind precision agriculture innovation since 1992.


NuAg Technology is an Ag Leader dealer with a high level of knowledge and training, providing YOU with a higher level of service.  We are dedicated to making precision farming easier and more profitable for you. If you're looking for precision farming expertise in the field from planting through harvest and from hardware to software, no matter the color of your equipment or your level of experience, you won't find a better partner than NuAg. 

The only thing worse than seeing planter issues pop up in the field is NOT seeing them. Get a window into your planter as it's moving across the field with InCommand display's Advanced Seed Monitoring. 

Now you can see exactly how each row is performing in real time on common planter errors like skips and doubles. Also monitor important planting information like down force applied, meter speed and bulk-fill pressure. 

Can you afford not to know exactly how your planter is performing?

Farming is easier and more efficient when you have access to the tools and information you need. With this in mind, AgFiniti was developed to put your operation's information at your fingertips no matter where you're at! Seamlessly access your maps and reports from any mobile device without having to learn a dedicated farm management software.


The proven OnTrac3 Assisted Steering system will reduce operator fatigue and help improve pass-to-pass accuracy -- all without hooking into hydraulics.

Ag Leader can revolutionize the way you farm with our autosteer technologies. If you want sub-inch accuracy, leading steering performance and simple setup, you'll get that and much more with the SteerCommand automated steering controller paired with GPS 7500 or SteerCommand with DualTrac.

Combining superior GNSS technology for guidance and steering with our industry-leading precision farming displays provides you with the most reliable product pairing on the market.

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