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Financing on in Stock Tile Plows

0% Financing Until 2017*


0% Financing for 3 Years**

* if purchasing new Tile Plow only

** if purchasing Tile Plow, Controls and GPS system

Minimum purchase and additional restrictions apply

Current 2015 Inventory:

1 - Pull type Plow

2 - 48" mini plows (one demo price below)

Where Dirt Meets Technology

Road Tour 


Nu Ag Technology is pleased to announce our involvement in 2 of the 5 Road Tour events.  We will be at the Goodfield event on June 25 and Thomasboro on July 10.


These events are geared towards anyone new to the precision agriculture industry and those looking to add or upgrade their current system.


Have you been thinking of adding guidance to your tractor, sprayer or combine?

That's just the beginning.  We can offer so much more.


Check out or give us a call for more information.  Let us know you're coming and we'll be on the lookout for you at the event.




Finally realized you need clutches to stop the planting in point rows?  Want to know your actual population?

Maybe you realized that the hydraulic downforce everyone is talking about will help with proper seed placement.  Proper population and placement can be achieved using Ag Leader's system.





Do you have a lot of point rows and want to shut off your sprayer at the right times?  Apply your own chemicals and want to variable rate with the same monitor you planted with?  Stop guessing about your applications and make sure they are right the first time.  Come see it at this event.


Now that you have all this data, what do you do with it?  Insurance adjuster been hounding you for planting or harvest documentation?  Need a planting prescription or want to fix the one your seed supplier provided to you this year?  We can take care of these data dilemmas and more!


Finding the old tile in your field crushed or beyond repair and in need of replacement?  Or, it's not tiled and you now have the means to begin the process but don't know where to go?  Got a tile plan in mind and need just a little assistance?  Know exactly what you want to tile, and now you need the tile plow?   Then don't miss us at this event!  Nu Ag will be actually installing tile at these two locations.





Every farm can afford to be more efficient.  You deserve the best system to meet all the needs of your farming operation.


Come see us and find out why Ag Leader is the answer.

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