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The addition of 8-Section Control adds several new features to the company’s Hydraulic Down Force System.

Row-by-row sensing allows the system to monitor and respond to the down force needs of each row, in order to account for frequent variations in field depth. The system also adds greater flexibility with up to eight sections of control and multiple configurations available.

8 Channel Hydraulic Downforce
Control your planting depth

Hydraulic Down force addresses common problems of uneven emergence, poor root development, row unit bounce and stress.


Uneven Emergence:

Uneven emergence typically is considerd as plants that emerge greater than 48 hours apart. Inconsistent planting depth leads to an sub-optimal growing environment. This can be caused by soil variability across the field or vehicle traffic. Corn does not have the ability to compensate for weak or missing plants leading to the grower needing to make sure that every plant counts. 


Poor Root Development:

Rootless corn problems can be attributed to conditions that coincide with development of the nodal root system and other factors. These include hot, dry surface soils, shallow planting depths, compact soils, and loose or cloddy soil conditions. Hatchet Roots can occur in a compacted seed trench preventing root development into surrounding soils. The result is a root ball that resembles the blade of a hatchet, (growing horizontally rather than down). When planting in wet conditions, we can be putting on to much down force (weight on row unit from seed/insecticide). When the soil dries, the trench can open up causing poor seed germination and/or seedling death.


Row Unit Bounce / Row Unit Stress:

When looking at a traditional planter system with springs the planter may look like its playing the piano bouncing up and down due to variability in the field. This bouncing can cause skips, poor spacing, and shallow seed planting depth. Why? Because springs or air bags lack sufficient shock absorbing ability, therefore providing poor row unit ground contact. When using hydraulics for a planter downforce system, stress occurs when fluid cannot compress to allow row unit movement over obstacles.

ISOBUS Control Module

The new 8 Channel Hydraulic Down Force system also has a New ISOBUS Control Module

·         Operator can choose 1-4 sensors per Channel

·         ISOBUS functionality with any VT capable display

                   -   Non-Ag Leader Display requires unlock


3 Channel Units start at $850 per row

8 Channel units start at $1,150 per row

  • Pricing does not include Integra Display, GPS or ISOBUS unlock for non-Ag Leader VT display.

  • Pricing and exclusions subject to change.

Contact us for more information!

Control the Downforce

You have the ability to change the uplift or Supplemental Force for each channel.  Allowing adapatations for varying conditions across your planter due to soil conditions or tractor tire compaction compensation.

Supplemental Force Applied

A unique feature of our Hydraulic Down Force system is our on-board accumulator

  • The accumulator is able to accept 100% of the actuator’s fluid capacity

  • The accumulator prevents unnecessary stress or damage to the row unit

  • Allows the row unit to easily ride over obstacles without affecting other rows

  • Acts as a cushion (shock absorber) preventing unnecessary stress on row unit & hydraulic components


Gauge Wheel Load

Row by Row sensing to guarantee no rows are planting too shallow

8 Channel Valve mounts to Implement
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